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Jerzy Nowosielski (1923–2011) – an easel and polychrome painter, graphic artist, stenographer, author of theoretical texts on modern painting and icons.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Nowosielski and his wife moved to Łódź, where he began to paint industrial cityscapes. He continued this theme for years, even after he returned to Kraków in 1962. He would watch trams, trains and tracks from his flat on Lubicz Street and paint them on canvas.

This type of presentation can be called a topographical view. A high horizon, depth practically limit

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To be unveiled this Monday is a groundbreaking project based on a mobile application for the identification of lost works of art, able to identify a work of art in a matter of seconds using a smartphone or tablet. The project was developed by the Communi Hereditate Foundation with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and funding from the Kronenberg Foundation of Citi Handlowy Bank.

Being the first tool of its kind, the application will co


We are pleased to announce that the Polish History Museum in Warsaw has granted Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz a subsidy for the project “Time for Bydgoszcz” – a mobile app under the 2016 Patriotism of Tomorrow Programme.

As part of the project, a mobile app will be developed to present the history and present-day life of Bydgoszcz as a “little homeland”, as well as the city's cultural heritage. The app will be a multimedia guide featuring urban game elements, enabling users to learn history, revive local memories and discover source materials by taking individ


January 28 took place the opening of the exhibition "From the idea to work. Leon Wyczolkowski". The exhibition is another demonstration of presenting part of the acquis plastic Leon Wyczółkowski. The exhibition are various forms of artistic expression champion. You can see both drawings from the initial phase of work on the image, as well as ready-made, worked out a replica version oil, pastel and watercolor.


February 26 at. 15:00 we invite you to the first meeting of the "Friday art", dedicated to the history of European art.


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