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History of Technique Department

Interest in history of mysterious historic landmarks, intensified in particular during last years thanks to Bydgoszcz technology and military enthusiasts, resulted in the initiative of the municipal authorities to open a museum-tourist institution. The Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum was commissioned with the task of establishing an ethnographic museum of industrial architecture and tourist trail on the premises of NGL-Betrieb, a nitroglycerin production zone. It was registered on the list of key projects of the Regional Operational Program of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship 2007-2011, making possible financing of the undertaking from the European Union funds. EXPLOSEUM – War Technology Center of DAG Fabrik Bromberg was established in one of the two nitroglycerin production lines.

The collection of the Regional Museum has over a thousand documents and plans, donated in 2009 by Prof. Johannes Preuss from the University of Mainz. Among them, there are materials regarding previously unknown aspects and details of functioning of the factory. The most interesting materials, provided with translation and historic commentary, are presented in chronological sequence in the exhibition. The entire display is completed by a large-format aerial map of the factory dating from 1944, as well as drafts of technical documentation, donated by Jarosław Butkiewicz.

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