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Leon Wyczółkowski on himself – self-portraits

Leon Wyczółkowski was one of the most illustrious painters and graphic designers in Polish art from the turn of the 20th century. The artist had a personal connection with Bydgoszcz. From 1922 he lived in Gościeradz, in Bydgoszcz province, in a beautifully situated manor house. The beauty of the surrounding nature, park, orchard and far-reaching fields became his creative inspiration.

The exhibition is being held to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the artist's death. Leon Wyczółkowski on himself – self-portraits” is yet another display of the artist's oeuvre in the Bydgoszcz museum. The exhibition will display about 30 of Wyczółkowski's self-portraits, made with the application of different techniques, along with photographs from the artist's life. The works come from the Bydgoszcz museum and others, as well as from private collections.

Self-portraits played a major role in Leon Wyczółkowski's creative work. The artist painted his own face from the 1890s up until his death. They were the manifestation of the duality of the person-artist image, which was typical for Wyczółkowski's painting style. The painter made various transformations to his image in his self-portraits. The paintings, which possess a wide range of artistic depiction of form and composition, constitute the perfect psychological case study of the artist. As Wyczółkowski once said: "A self-portrait, a memory of me, mysticism. A self-portrait dabbled, and then painted. A net on the window looks like half a ghost behind the pane. A portrait is and is not, it is elusive. Unrealistically with nostrils. A memory: this man once was."



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