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Czech and Slovak photography from private collections

The exhibition presents nearly three hundred photographs by many well-known Czech and Slovak photographers of different generations who created their works in the 20th and early 21st century. The main theme of the presentation is nude art complemented by portrait, reportage, landscape, experimental and candid photography. We present various formal and thematic Czech and Slovak photographs, and the nature of the artists' personal collections.

There are many prominent artists represented, including: Drtikol, Větrovský, Růžička Funke Gribovský, Sudek, Bartuška, Št’astný, Hájek, Beran, Bartůšek, Straka, Štyrský, Dostál, Postupa, Saudek, and Židlický. At the same time, the exhibition presents the work of artists who are less known to the typical Polish viewer, and whose pictures show good artistic experience and technical skills. These photographs, taken over a period of several decades, were created using a whole range of available technologies. There are black and white as well as colour photographs, taken with traditional film and digital cameras. Most of the images presented are characterised by a classical approach to the subject combined with formal and technical excellence. We also present courageous experimental photographs created using, among other things, studio spot lighting, grain effects, collage and multi-layer techniques, Sabatier effect and technologies related to the gelatine silver process. The authors of the images are reporters, documentary makers, still photographers, artistic photographers, painters and sculptors. Their activities form a part of numerous trends and styles, but above all their photographs reflect their seeking for methods of self-expression.

The pictures presented in the framework of the exhibition demonstrate the character of a private photographic collection created and transformed through the years. Its owner, Thomas Kruzel, treats the collected Czech and Slovak photographs as a kind of mysterious and magical mirror used to observe the old and modern worlds surrounding our southern neighbours.

Monika Kosteczko-Grajek

The exhibition will be in Spichrze on the Brda River, at ul. Grodzka 7-11, over the period 20 October - 21 November 2016.


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData