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Late Medieval and Modern Bydgoszcz in the light of archaeological sources

This exhibition is prepared by the Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz in cooperation with the Regional Office for Protection of Historic Landmarks in Toruń, Branch in Bydgoszcz and Bydgoszcz archeologists associated in the Archeological Division of the Society of the Friends of the City of Bydgoszcz. Intensified construction activities, continued since the last decade of the 20th century, led to an increasing number of archeological studies conducted in Bydgoszcz, particularly its center. They contributed to discovery of relics of old buildings and materials used to recreate the history of Bydgoszcz, starting from its origins dating back to a fortified settlement from the Middle Ages, through development of a medieval city, until its growth in the modern times. Effects of research and a myriad of interesting historic sites, combined with public interest in the results of excavation works, contributed to preparation of an exhibition, which outlines an image of the city and its residents since the Late Middle Ages (14th century) until the late 19th century. From the angle of archeological discoveries, the display shows topics regarding everyday life, spiritual culture, defensive system of the city, and some objects of infrastructure coming from old Bydgoszcz. The majority of exhibits presented at the exhibition come from the research conducted by Anna Siwiak and Wojciech Siwiak (Archeological-Restoration Workshop).

In addition, historic objects and information on discoveries were acquired from Robert Grochowski (Castrum), Beata Świątkiewicz-Siekierska, Aneta Trzcińska-Kałużna (ARCHEO Archeological Studio), the Institute of Archeology of the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń, the Bydgoszcz History Research Team, the Regional Office for Protection of Historic Landmarks in Toruń, Branch in Bydgoszcz, and the Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz. The results of anthropological expertise and published materials were edited by Tomasz Koczorski.
The exhibition was supplemented by numerous illustrations and photographs, in which the authors of research preserved in situ remains of objects, frequently illegible in the space of the present city. Information and photographs from research on individual archeological sites are presented in multimedia kiosks.
All Bydgoszcz residents who are interested in the history of the city and its residents over the centuries are invited to visit the exhibition.
Jolanta and Józef Łoś


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData