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Souvenirs of the Borderlands. Inhabitants of Bydgoszcz coming from the Eastern Borderlands, 1920-1939

The objective of the exhibition entitled “Souvenirs of the Borderlands” was to revive the memory of the people from the Eastern Borderlands who – displaced by the war, revolution, the Riga Treaty, having lost their own homes in the eastern territories of the former Poland – have shaped the history of our city Bydgoszcz

In this group, there were relatives of Adam Mickiewicz, Stanisław Moniuszko and many other important figures of Polish history. There were people who, like their ancestors, maintained the culture of Poland at the Borderlands. They established and maintained schools and hospitals, they built churches, supported artists. They didn’t hold back in Bydgoszcz either. I contacted their families and obtained very valuable information, as well as photos and documents. I would like to share this experience with the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz through this exhibition. I would like as many people as possible to appreciate their contribution to the city’s history. And I do believe that this exhibition will help, especially as it is held at the Museum, which is such an important spot on the city’s cultural map.

Exhibition open:

18th June – 28th August 2016


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData