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Old-timers – motorcycles of the 20th century in the Exploseum

From November 21, in the Exploseum, there will be an extraordinary exhibition which certainly proves to be a real treat for fans of two-wheelers.

Motorcycles blend in with the raw walls of old DAG factories perfectly. The collection will comprise 15 machines from different countries and historical periods, and they will present different styles. Visitors will be able to admire such classics as the Harley-Davidson Ironhead, ZUNDAPP, WLA, Wiktoria KR 20 and Peugot 125. Among the exhibits there will also be two Polish motorcycles – Junaks, produced in Szczecin. The military accent will be highlighted by the Harley-Davidson WLC in a painting of US troops, and a military M72 with a basket from behind the iron curtain. The most valuable machines will be the Harley-Davidson JD from 1927 and an Indian from 1930.

The exhibition was organised by the Bydgoszcz "Association of H-D", fans of old-timers who devote all their free time to beautiful two-wheelers.


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData