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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

The exhibition is comprised of winning works from the photographic competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014, organised by the Natural History Museum in London and BBC Worldwide. It has already reached the jubilee, 50th edition.

The competition has been held annually since 1965, and in the process of its development has become the most appreciated and recognised world undertaking in the field of wildlife photography. Each time, the winning exhibition is shown in dozens of countries on all continents and, for the thirteenth time in a row, in Poland. This year's edition of the exhibition consists of singled-out and awarded pictures in 13 categories and those granted 3 special awards. One of the 100 photographs making up the exhibition was taken by the distinguished Polish nature photographer Łukasz Bożycki. The winning works were selected from over 42,000 photographs produced by more than 4,000 photographers from 96 countries.

The objectives and ambitions of the organisers of the competition and exhibition are to inspire new generations of photographers to create visionary and expressive interpretations of wildlife, as well as present collected pictures to people around the world, to show the greatness, dramatic character and variety of life on Earth, and to inspire them to take care of its future. With the increasingly successful achievement of these objectives, better images are produced and seen by an increasing number of spectators.

Life has a sense of time and place. Being at the right time and in the right place can decide about getting food or staying hungry, finding a partner, or even life and death. This post-competition exhibition shows such situations thanks to the fact that the creators of the photographs were in the right place at the right time. A few moments later, a few seconds earlier, and those moments may not have been captured. Life moves fast. Birth, threat, struggle and survival are happening constantly, over and over again. Most of these daily dramas are unknown to us. Thanks to photographers from around the world, some of those moments were captured, and we can see and contemplate them. Some moments are ordinary, and others are unusual. Some are uplifting, and others raise questions about our impact on nature. Thanks to this, the exhibition has enormous educational value, showing the drama and variety of life on Earth, and thus provoking in us the desire to care for its quality in the future.

The latest edition of the exhibition will visit Bydgoszcz for the ninth time, at the end of its tour in Poland this year, which ran through, among other places: Warsaw, Szczecin, Bytom, Sopot and Bielsko-Biała.



Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData