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Multiplicity in unity. Lithography and planographic printing techniques in Poland after 1900.

The Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz is preparing a retrospective exposition entitled: Multiplicity in unity. Lithography and planographic printing techniques in Poland after 1900. This is to be incorporated into the following program: International Print Triennials - Kraków 2015, and forms the third part of a series of expositions, beginning with the display: Multiplicity in unity. Polish woodcuts after 1900 (2009), followed by: Multiplicity in unity. Rotogravure printing techniques in Poland after 1900 (2012).

The exhibition is scheduled for 26 September - 6 December 2015, at the Gallery of Modern Art - Red Granary and at the House of Leon Wyczółkowski on Mill Island in Bydgoszcz. The exhibition will show the history and development of a traditional group of printing techniques: planographic printing with leading lithography. The exhibition will present a set of about 250 graphics by outstanding artists for whom the main forms of artistic expression were the planographic printing techniques - classic lithography, its varieties and related printing techniques, as well as unconventional solutions and modern experimental techniques. In the formal, stylistic, thematic and technical aspects, the multiplicity indicated in the title will consist of works borrowed from a variety of prestigious collections, both museums and libraries as well as works lent by contemporary graphic artists and graphics from the collections of the Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz.

A scientific session (22-23 October 2015) will be held during the exposition, devoted to the history and modern aspects of lithography and planographic printing techniques in Poland, with the aim of expanding upon those issues shown in the exhibition.

This year's edition, which is to a large extent devoted to lithography, has affected the decision to take an important initiative. The patron of our institution, Leon Wyczółkowski, a precursor of the graphic arts in Poland and known as the “father of modern Polish lithography”, will become the patron of the prize endowed by the Museum in Bydgoszcz, awarded to an artist participating in the competition as part of: Main Exhibition of International Print Triennials - Kraków 2015.

The long-term program for our Museum, including a series of exhibitions complemented by scientific sessions and accompanying publications (exhibition catalogues and historical materials), forms part of the museum's activities in the field of exhibiting modern and contemporary Polish graphics. At the same time, it propagates and promotes the beautiful art of graphics, which is difficult and still rather obscure.


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