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Leon Wyczółkowski – an artist, professor

Leon Wyczółkowski – an artist-professor is an exhibition creating a unique opportunity for presentation of works of outstanding painters who worked in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. Among 164 works, there are paintings made by Leon Wyczółkowski and other outstanding artists, including Wojciech Gerson, Jan Matejko, Józef Brandt, Józef Chełmoński, Aleksander Gierymski, Julian Fałat, Jacek Malczewski, Włodzimierz Tetmajer, Witold Wojtkiewicz, and Stanisław Wyspiański.

Preserving chronology of life and work of Leon Wyczółkowski, presentation will include groups of artists and their works featuring various topics. Penetration of Wyczółkowski’s art through works of other artists in various periods of his life will be presented for the first time in such wide range. The exhibition will show works of three generations of artists from Leon Wyczółkowski’s circle, including professors-teachers, professors-friends and students.

The purpose of both the catalog and exhibition is to highlight the unique talent of Leon Wyczółkowski, his influence and role as a teacher for a large group of painters and graphic artists, and first of all to answer the question – what role he played in Polish art? Therefore, the main part of the exhibition focuses on artistic education of Leon Wyczółkowski and his work as a teacher. We offer a trip across art schools attended by Wyczółkowski, and his workplaces.

In addition, we attempted to build a replica of “Jama Michalikowa” in Krakow, which was Leon Wyczółkowski’s favorite art café.

The exhibition will present 53 artworks on loan from the National Museum of Krakow, the National Museum of Poznań, the National Museum of Warsaw, the National Museum of Wrocław, the Art Museum of Łódź, the Silesian Museum of Katowice, the Upper Silesian Museum of Bytom, the Regional Museum of Toruń, the Dr. Tytus Chałubiński Tatra Museum of Zakopane, own collections of the Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum of Bydgoszcz, and private collections. Presented photographs were loaned by the Photographic Archive of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow.

Ewa Sekuła-Tauer


The exhibition Leon Wyczółkowski – an artist-professor will be one of the last events finishing the Year of Leon Wyczółkowski, announced by the Council of the City of Bydgoszcz on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the birth of Leon Wyczółkowski and the 75th anniversary of the donation of his legacy by the artist’s wife.

Subsidized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage



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