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Following in the footsteps of Leon Wyczółkowski

On the occasion of the celebration of the Year of Leon Wyczółkowski, the Regional Museum organized a poster exhibition and multimedia presentation entitled “Following in the footsteps of Leon Wyczółkowski.” They show the artistic travel of the artist through the places, in which he stayed and created, where his individual style had developed.

The leading motif of the poster exhibition is the timeline, which guides the visitor showing the most interesting works of the artist from individual artistic periods. In addition to biographic information, it features descriptions of graphic techniques as well as quotes and anecdotes of the artist. It also contains illustrations of paintings, drawings, graphic artworks and photographs of the artist, which are in the collections of the Regional Museum. A 10-minute multimedia presentation features a map, on which the visited cities become a pretext to show and introduce the visitor to the artistic world of Leon Wyczółkowski, dominated by landscapes, still life, architectural motifs, trees, and flowers.

The exhibition was presented for the first time during the concert on the occasion of the return of Bydgoszcz to the Homeland held in the Opera Nova on January 20. The exhibition in this venue will be open until January 26.

It is an educational-cultural project, which is focused on popularization of information about the artist. Therefore, it can be loaned free of charge and presented within the celebration of the Year of Leon Wyczółkowski.

It is our please to inform you that President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski took over Honorary Patronage over the celebration of this Year.



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