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Sebastian Mikołajczak. Coins and medals

District Museum Leon Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz invites you to the opening of thetemporary exhibition Sebastian Mikołajczak. Coins and medals. Its opening will take place on March 8 at 18.00 in the group of historic granaries at 7 Grodzka Street. The aim of the exhibition is to show the work of the outstanding artist - dr. Sebastian Mikołajczak in the field of coins and medals design, with particular attention to creative double creativeity - differences in the approach to medallion and monetary art. Visitors will be able to see the artist's achievements,his figure and techniques of designing coins and medals. Over 80 coinsand more than 70 medals will be presented in several thematic groups. The objects shown are from the author's collection of Sebastian Mikołajczak and the collections of the National Bank of Poland.


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