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Stanisław Brzęczkowski (1897-1955). Graphics

Stanisław Brzęczkowski (1897-1955). Graphics

Location of the exhibition: Modern Art Gallery – 8a Mennica Street on the Mill Island
Exhibition opens till: 2018-04-22

The exhibition "Stanisław Brzęczkowski (1897-1955).The artwork" accompanies the promotion of the book by Stanisław Brzęczkowski (1897-1955). Monograph. Harvest catalog, which will take place on March 15 (Thursday),at 17.00 at the Modern Art Gallery.The program presents the publishing house and the artist's profiles. The special guest will be Bogusław Brzęczkowski - son of the artist.Exhibition: 15 March - 22 April 2018, Modern Art Gallery (entresol)



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