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Playing with art

The exhibition “Playing with art” attempts to teach the basic concepts of art theory and history, which appear to be crucial and particularly useful in the correct assessment and interpretation of artistic productions. It will explain and discuss, with the example of many renowned and highly-valued masterpieces of world and European art and with the help of numerous interactive devices, such concepts as, e.g., perspective, composition, chiaroscuro, color, expression or abstraction. The exhibition will also offer visitors an opportunity to ask themselves the most fundamental questions: What is art? What is its function? Can art help us understand the surrounding world? How can we interpret non-figurative (abstract) works of art?
The exhibition is divided into five modules dedicated to different, but complementary issues, such as: space, the human figure, light and darkness, color and distortion.
The exhibition has been equipped with many interactive devices suitable for spectators of different ages, even the youngest of them.
Mateusz Soliński
The partners of the exhibition are “Hello Maestro” and “Hippocampus”, the producers and distributors of the series “Once upon a time...”.


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData