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The 150th anniversary of the January Uprising (1863-2013) – presentation of Artur Grottger’s series “War” as well as medals, coins and banknotes

The purpose of the exhibition is popularization of exhibits related thematically to the January Uprising, bringing them closer to the residents of Bydgoszcz and its environs. It is a perfect opportunity to present selected works in the field of medallic art and numismatics as well as art, coming from the collections of the Bydgoszcz Museum. The topic of the Uprising, historic episodes and important events as well as people, are reminded by scenes presented on medals and coins. Medallic art and numismatics frequently commemorate consecutive anniversaries of the Uprising, reminding about this important event in the history of our nation. Illustration series made by Artur Grottger, dedicated to the Uprising, were enriched and iconographically expanded by the last of the great series of the artist, presenting the tragic nature and cruelty of the War. All drawing compositions of Grottger have been reproduced using photographic techniques and photogravure since the Uprising period. The exhibition presents one of the old, reproduced portfolios.


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