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Władysław Radziwiłłowicz  all – inclusive

The works of Władysław Radziwiłłowicz are based on the painting analysis of image entangled in “media reality.” Image (pictogram, logo, technical drawing, illustration, poster, advertising photograph) has always been and continues to be a powerful means of nonverbal persuasion, effectively placing and preserving in public awareness useful information, mainly of commercial nature.

Władysław Radziwiłłowicz is a graduate of the State Higher Education School of Visual Arts in Poznań (presently, the University of Arts in Poznań). He graduated with honors in the field of studio graphics and painting in 1996. His career is tied with his alma mater, where he works as an assistant professor in the Department of Drawing in the Faculty of Painting. In 2009, he defended his doctoral dissertation “Phenomenon of Image as an Effect of Simultaneous Reading of the World.” He also works as a teacher in the Design Department of the J. and J Śniadecki University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. Works made by the artist are in private collections in Poland, USA and Japan. His paintings have been shown at a dozen or so solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

As far as content is concerned, the exhibition is an artistic reflection of the author on the Image co-creating the "media reality." Enticing, compelling admiration and desire, entertaining and suggesting a “perfect solution,” the Image co-creates the Promise of a global “better world.” According to the artist, this “better world” reminds a perfect mythical world, abounding in beauty, eternal youth and happiness – a free-market Garden of Eden. Looking at the most characteristic features of "media image," such as an edition of several thousand copies (original / replica?), the category of mimesis (photography as the guarantee of credibility), attractiveness, message, time of exposure, way of its "reading," function and recycling as an inevitable, final stage of existence, are supposed to convince the viewer to reflect upon the condition of Image, and indirectly to reflect upon the condition of an individual living in today’s metropolis. [W.R.]


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData