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Structure and Architecture. Postindustrial Heritage of Upper Silesia

The temporary exhibition “Structure and architecture. Postindustrial heritage of Upper Silesia” is a result of cooperation between the German Culture Forum of East-Central Europe – Deutschen Kulturforum östliches Europa in Potsdam and Berlin photographers on the initiative of Europareportage with the Silesian Museum in Katowice and other Polish and German partners. Thomas Vossbeck took 47 photographs in 2008-2010 in selected industrial facilities of Upper Silesia, which were built before 1945 and have survived to this day in better or worse shape. They have been made within a documentary-artistic project related to the postindustrial heritage of Upper Silesia, which goal was to record and cherish “landmarks of our common European culture that tend to disappear from our present landscape." One of them is the industrial and urban complex of Silesia, developed in various periods of its industrialization. The photographs depict the size of industrial potential of this region, which is part of the European heritage.

The exhibition will be open between September 14 and November 17 in the Exploseum Center of War Technology DAG Fabrik Bromberg.


Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData