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New exhibition in Modern Art Gallery

Event date: 2014-09-25 -

Within more or less complicated memes, hybridization and multiplication take place, rather than the actual diversity of products of contemporary art. Repeatability at this stage is the basic artistic activity. In accordance with memetic interpretation, adding of another coil (according to mathematical function) describes snail’s work on the shell. From a new cultural perspective, contemporary art is distinguished by self-replication. A challenge for an artist is to find methods to implement an idea, which can be repeated endlessly. Therefore part of creative thinking is studying new methods and acquiring new materials, which leads to certain unexpected collaborations between artists, scientists and performers.

Quoting Boris Groys we can ask: what determines the value of work in an artistic practice focused on repeatability, popularity and consumption?

The developing doctrine of self-design creates the art industry. The role of recipient as co-creator has been growing. Contemporary forms of production are supposed to a greater extent create an aesthetic or creative model, and work should approach the status of creativity, and even art.

The organizer of the exhibition will invite artists who look for their own artistic language on the borderline of many fields, starting from visual arts, through sociology, psychology, biology, music, and combine them with the latest technologies. In this way, they contribute to development of contemporary multiplicated culture and highlight their own strategies in it.


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Designed: Jimpenny / Programmed: FreshData