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Architecton of Light INTERVENTIONS


Architecton of Light INTERVENTIONS is a work from the borderland of architecture and sculpture, with the use of which the author performs synergic cooperation between the surrounding, sculpture and spectator. Perception of the artwork and participation of visitors take place on the Mill Island and inside the Museum. 

The interactive installation Architecton of Light INTERVENTIONS consists of three complimentary parts:
•    Searching for the lost form – bronze statue made with the use of lost-wax casting and gilded
•    Architecton of Light – multiple enlargement of the bronze statue made from sheet metal
•    multimedia layer – cameras and projectors recording the image from the statue situated on the Mill Island and transmitting it in the form of projection to the Museum interior.

Welcome to the presentation on June 14, 2014 at 7:00pm to the Modern Art Gallery, Mill Island. Free admission!

In 1993, Tomasz Matusewicz graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpture of the Higher School of Visual Arts in Poznań (presently the University of Arts) with honors in the field of painting and sculpture; his thesis supervisors were Prof. Jan Berdyszak and Prof. Jan Świtka. In 1997, he won the City of Poznań Art Award for Young Artists and was presented with the silver medal of the Spring '97 Sculpture Salon in Warsaw. In 2008, he received a commendation and award for performance of work at the competition for design and making the Sculpture for Warsaw (exhibition in the Gardens of the Warsaw University Library). The artist prepared a number of solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions dedicated to various topics in the country and abroad (Germany, Slovakia). He works as a scholar at the Chair of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Visual Arts in the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań University of Technology; in 2003, he received a doctoral degree in fine arts, and in 2013 – a postdoctoral degree. Matusewicz creates sculpted-architectural installations maintained in the spirit of minimalism, utilizing its metaphorical and symbolical properties; some of these works are outdoor installations. Light plays an important and symbolical role in the artist’s works.

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