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Marcin Sauter Photographs

Kod produktu:

I present to you in this album a selection of photographs that I arrange into my personal path, my personal journey. Through countries, landscapes and places, but mostly through my way of thinking about photography. Photography gives me freedom, as does travel. I always take pictures when I travel. I never leave without my camera, I just couldn’t do it. As the years go by I simplify my art, since I have realised I know less and less. More and more consciously I reject thinking, I try to keep my head empty
when taking pictures. I trust my intuition more and more.


Magda Sendecka:

These images are moving, they evoke sadness and a vague longing, in our noisy world they provoke us to immerse ourselves in silence. It doesn’t matter where we are - in Okęcie, in Palermo, on the rivers of Siberia, in California or in Shanghai - there is the same mystery in people’s faces and in the rays of light refracting in a dirty window pane or in the water crashing against the breakwater. Marcin manages to get close to that mystery. And sometimes to even touch it.

ISBN 978-83-63572-69-3

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