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Educational offer
Our museum classes are designed for schoolchildren and youth. They are aimed as supplement to general curriculum and history classes. The offer is addressed to all types of educational institutions.
Thanks to one of the proposed classes, students can learn about many aspects of the history of Bydgoszcz, international weapons, and the importance of the Home Army in Pomerania. Our qualified personnel conduct classes with the use many interesting museum props, encouraging young people to participation in activities. Museum classes were prepared based on curricula and education trails.
How to order a museum class?
Museum classes can be ordered in person in Exploseum or by calling 883366056 two weeks ahead of planned activities, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please, give us detailed information regarding subject, time of classes, number of participants (it should not be higher than 25), type of school, names of teacher or chaperon arriving with the group, and contact phone number.
We conduct classes from Wednesday to Friday, between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm in Exploseum buildings. The fee is paid in the Exploseum cashier’s office: the cost of museum class is Zl 20 per group + Zl 8 for admission ticket paid by every participant. Chaperons are admitted free of charge, but are obligated to remain with the group throughout its stay in the Museum and are responsible for discipline of students during classes. Our employees provide care and all necessary materials to conduct classes.
Proposed museum classes:
4th-8th grades
  • Knight and musketeer, what weapons were used in the past?
Form: touring, showing replica weaponry, reading comprehension,
During classes, the teacher will describe the history of combat craft. Participants of classes will learn the history of melee weapons and firearms. Replicas of old and 20th-century battle gear and models of siege engines will be used during classes.
  • Alfred Nobel and his legacy
Form: multimedia presentation, touring, reading comprehension, games and plays
The purpose of the classes is to bring closer Alfred Nobel and his scientific achievements. Thanks to this lesson, students will learn about the history of the Nobel family, his greatest inventions and legacy. In addition, students will find out more about Polish Nobel Prize winners.
7th-8th grades
  • Steam, movement, whine, whistle - the development of industrial civilization

The lesson concerns the industrial revolution and related inventions, including the greatest of them - the steam engine. During the course, students will learn about the meaning of your invention and its influence on the development of civilization. Both the positive and negative effects of industrial development on the world around us (including its impact on the problem of global warming) will be discussed. The operation of the steam engine will be presented on a specially designed model. At the end of the lesson, its participants will solve in groups the tasks related to the classes.

Form: multimedia presentation, presentation of a steam engine model, games and activities
Duration: 60 min.


lekcja muzealna w Exploseum  lekcja muzealna w Exploseum lekcja muzealna w szkole  lekcja muzealna w Exploseum



A guide in historical guise

Our guide will play the role of one of the historical figures (Alfred Nobel, partisan, forced laborer, factory guard and British aviator) and from her perspective, he will talk about the history of explosives, the DAG concert, the Bydgoszcz factory and its employees and the technical aspects of the creation of nitroglycerin. Each visit is an extraordinary adventure that allows you to go back in time and feel the atmosphere of the place.

More about the guide in disguise [link]



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