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In order to respond to your suggestions and expectations, we have prepared a package of additional attractions for organized groups. When you are interested in such form of touring, please contact us by calling 883366056 at least two weeks before your planned trip.
In this package, you can select:
Alternativ industrial road
More information: call 88 33 66 056
ASG shooting range; the IPRON Events company prepares professional shooting stations, where visitors can check their marksmanship by shooting from replicas of rifles and guns, using plastic bullets with 6mm in diameter. Duration - approx. 1h. (temporary suspended)
ASG shooting range
Reconstruction group. The offer of “SRH DROMEDAR” group includes: genre scenes, tales bringing closer functioning of the reconstruction group to visitors, uniforms, historical vehicles and reconstructed medical corps. (temporary suspended)
Reconstruction group
Chemical shows; presentation of explosive experiments prepared by enthusiasts, who can show, for instance, explosive cotton or a burning banknote. Duration - approx. 15 min. (temporary suspended)
chemical show

Explo Sunday Explo Sunday

Explo SundayExplo Sunday, photo: Ł. Maklakiewicz


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