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Leon Wyczółkowski, Self-portrait against a sea background

In 1925 Leon Wyczółkowski created a number of self-portraits using a variety of techniques, and among them was one of two versions against a sea background, made with tempera on plywood. The painting can be viewed at the exhibition in Leon Wyczółkowski's house.

The artist presented himself as a monumental, solitary, mighty 'rock' in a cherry-red painting coat called the 'robe', against a background of rough sea and clouds, with a hand and a fragment of the sea visible. The painter is gazing into the distance and smiling. Here is what literary critic Stanisław Wasylewski, a contemporary of the artist, had to say about Wyczółkowski's new self-portrait: "The Maestro got bored with graphic design so he reverted to the palette. Wonders of the world! This is but 'Wyczół at the sea', sensational in its distinctness".

Obraz Leon Wyczółkowski, Autoportret na tle morza

Leon Wyczółkowski, Self-portrait against a sea background, 1925, tempera, ink, watercolours, plywood, 78x95.5 cm

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