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Hat Women's evening , 20s twentieth century

No elegant lady does not leave the house without a hat, and the hat had to be adapted to the seasons and circumstances. In the 20s of the twentieth century. Women wore small hats "helmets", with a small brim, established deep in the forehead. Acting invariable accompaniment to dress corresponded with her color. In the version of the evening hats were enriched among others shiny beads. These and other elements of a woman's wardrobe Bydgoszcz elegant woman bought mostly in Bydgoszcz Department Store Street. Gdansk or Department Store Brothers Mateckich the Old Market.

Presented exhibit can be seen at the permanent exhibition "From the Old Market Square to Freedom Square. Walk through the streets of interwar Bydgoszcz "in the barns on the Brda River Street. Grodzka 7-11. It represents, among other issued here part of the pre-war clothes, an interesting example of the prevailing trends in women's fashion. An additional attraction of the exhibition is available on the opportunity to try on clothes retro and execute a souvenir photo.

Anna Nadolska

Hat Women's evening, 20s twentieth century., Hair, cotton thread, beads

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