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Transport platform with stanchions from 1939

During Saturday's TehoFest, the Exploseum announced its new purchase – a transport platform with stanchions from 1939.

Wagons of this type were very popular in Europe, used from the 1920s almost to this day. Our wagon has been saved from scrapping thanks to a businessman, a friend of the Exploseum, and then bought by the District Museum and restored on its orders. In fact, the wagon is constantly in the process of maintenance, because it does not yet have its technical markings painted (those will appear soon). The wagon was found on the territory of former Zachem, so it is possible that it was used for the DAG factory in Bydgoszcz during World War II. It was never was requisitioned by the German Wehrmacht, otherwise the colour would have been changed – says Maciej Kulakowski, head of the History and Technology Division at MOB.

The wagon can be seen in the Exploseum, on the ramp at the 1157 building. This is another monument of technology which the District Museum can be proud of.

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