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Wyświetlam: 41 - 42 / 42

Table with Memory
Name: Table with Memory

We invite to see the "Table with memory" by Agnieszka Lasota, which is on display in Modern Art Gallery on ul. Mennica 8.

Double ducat of 1660 from the Bydgoszcz mint
Name: Double ducat of 1660 from the Bydgoszcz mint
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In 2006, the Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum acquired a golden double ducat of 1660. The coin is 31 mm in diameter and weighs 6.78 g. It dates back to the reign of Jan Kazimierz and was produced at the Bydgoszcz mint.

Its front face depicts a bust of the king clad in armour and wearing a coat pinned at the shoulder, with the chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece on his chest. There is an inscription: IOH: CAS: D: G: REX POL: & SUEC. M: D: L. R. PR. (Johannes Casimirus, by God's grace, King of Poland and Sweden, and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Russia, and Prussia).

The reverse face of the coin shows a five-field coat of arms (the said fields containing Orzeł and Pogoń and, in the centre, Snopek, the family coat of arms of the Waza dynasty) under a crown. On the side of the shield are the letters T-T. Along the edge there is a description: (new coin of the Kingdom of Poland); the inscription is divided: with a crown in its upper part and with an oval

Wyświetlam: 41 - 42 / 42

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