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Openning hours

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Each branch of the Museum, due to its diverse characteristics, is available under certain conditions. We encourage you to read the regulations of the visit [LINK].


Archaeological Collections
European Money Center
Modern Art Gallery

Tuesday - Sunday
11.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Monday - closed


Leon Wyczółkowski House
Center of Museum Education
- closed until further notice

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exhibitions & events:

In connection with taking preventive measures to reduce the spread of SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, the Museum is open to visitors according to the new visiting regulations.


Buildings open to visitors:
- Archaeological Collections
- Leon Wyczółkowski House (from 27.06)
- Granaries
- Modern Art Gallery
- European Money Center
- Exploseum
- Center of Museum Education

Opening hours of The Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz:
Archaeological Collections, Leon Wyczółkowski House, Granaries, Modern Art Gallery, European Money Center, Exploseum 

Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-16.00
Monday: closed
Center of Museum Education
Tuesday-Friday: 11.00-16.00
Monday, Saturday, Sunday: closed

Last entrance to the permanent exhibition is possible one hour before closing. Visiting whole permanent exhibition takes two hours. Entrance one hour before closing enable to visit only part of the exhibition.

On Mondays and on the following holidays: 1st January - the New Year's Day, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, the day of Corpus Christi, 1st November - all Saints' Day, Christmas Eve and 25th December - Christmas Day, the Museum is closed to the public.


Visiting the Museum of organized groups shall be suspended until further notice.


At the Museum force compliance by the public health regime by implementing the following principles and guidelines:


  • persons can move simultaneously while maintaining a distance, i.e.: a distance of not less than 2 m from each other, unless this distance is impossible due to taking care of a child up to 13 years of age or a disabled person,
  • the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with the help of clothing / its parts or a mask, both in exhibition halls, publicly accessible passageways applies to all visitors, except children under 4 years of age and people who cannot cover their mouths or nose due to health condition,
  • It recommended to wear disposable gloves. Gloves are issued by staff at disinfection points before entering the visiting area,
  • in order to explore, call the intercom to the reception desk,
  • the obligation to disinfect hands with the disinfectants made available by the Museum before entering the checkout area, and then into the visiting area (staff are responsible for complying with the obligation to disinfect hands) and after leaving the sanitary facilities; disinfection also applies to gloves that visitors wear when entering the Museum facility,
  • hand disinfection is carried out in accordance with the instructions indicated,
  • it is strictly forbidden to use multimedia and other touch-activated devices located in the entrance areas and exhibitions, e.g. touch screens,
  • the visitor receives a card access door opening, which, after the tour, thrown into a plastic container, the cards are disinfected and transferred to the reception in order to re-issue,
  • cashless payment is preferred,
  • in the stores it is possible to buy publications and gadgets. You cannot view them before making a purchase.
The possibility of using the cloakroom is suspended until further notice, except for the possibility of leaving umbrellas, which should be stored in the place indicated for this. Luggage, backpacks etc. are left in the cloakroom only if there are lockers in the building to deposit them, larger bags should be left before entering the exhibition. Entrance to exhibition halls is allowed in outerwear.


Guided tours are suspended until further notice.


The following restrictions are introduced on the number of people (excluding Museum employees providing visitors with support) who can stay simultaneously with a gap in the checkout area and the visiting area in individual facilities. Children and disabled people requiring care may enter the facility only if accompanied by a guardian. Then the guardian with a person under his care will be treated as one person.

  • Archaeological Collections
    basement - "Bydgoszcz nie tylko pieniądzem stała" exhibition - 4 people (i.e. 2 adults and 2 children)
    checkout area - 1 person
    ground floor and first floor (permanent exhibition) - closed references

  • European Money Centre
    basement - closed until further notice
    checkout area - 1 person
    Ground floor - "Bydgoszcz Treasure" exhibition - 4 people (i.e. 2 adults and 2 children)

  • Modern Art Gallery
    Information center - 2 people
    1st, 2nd and 3th floor - 12 people in each of the exhibition halls
  • Granaries
    in the checkout area - up to 3 people at a time
    At the same time, up to 6 people in each of the exhibition halls (i.e. 3 adults and 3 children)
  • Leon Wyczółkowski House
    checkout area - 1 person
    Ground floor - 4 people (i.e. 2 adults and 2 children)
    1st floor - closed until further notice
  • Exploseum
    in the checkout area - up to 5 people at a time
    permanent exhibition buildings - up to 15 people simultaneously in one building
    temporary exhibition room - closed until further notice


Visitors to the Museum are not allowed:

  • touching all exhibits, showcases and display equipment,
  • smoking,
  • stay at the Museum intoxicated or under the influence of drugs,
  • bring animals (except guide dogs to visually impaired people),
  • consuming food and drinks,
  • entering service rooms.


Price list of admission tickets for permanent and temporary exhibitions and price list of educational services (except Exploseum):

normal admission ticket - PLN 8
reduced entrance ticket - PLN 5
group admission ticket - suspended until further notice
family admission ticket - suspended until further notice
normal collective admission ticket - suspended until further notice
reduced-entry collective admission ticket - suspended until further notice
guided tours - suspended until further notice
admission ticket - museum lesson - PLN 5 per person (a group of a minimum of 10 people (people with disabilities, including 5 people))
admission ticket - museum lesson with workshop - PLN 8 per person (group of at least 10 people (people with disabilities, including 5 people)
admission ticket - workshop - suspended until further notice
event admission ticket - 3 PLN
special admission ticket - 1 PLN
Free admission to permanent exhibitions on Saturdays; admission to temporary exhibitions ticketed (according to the above price list).

Price list of admission tickets to the permanent exhibition and price list of educational services at Exploseum:

normal admission ticket - PLN 15
reduced entrance ticket - PLN 12
special admission ticket - 1 PLN
On Saturdays - free admission to the permanent exhibition


A special ticket is entitled to:
- natural persons awarded the badge "For the care of monuments", the honorary badge "Distinguished cultural activist", the honorary badge "Meritorious for Polish Culture" or awarded the title of honor "Meritorious for National Culture"
- veterans
- members of the Association of Polish Museologists, Association of Engineering Art Museums, Association of Art Historians, Association of Open Air Museums in Poland, Association of College Museums, Polish Association of Museum Inventorists, Association of Museums and Church Treasury Ars Sacra, Association of the International Print Triennial in Krakow, Association of Conservators Monuments, the Polish Folklore Society, the Association of Folk Artists, the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists, the Association of Polish Artists Photographers and the Association of Polish Artists; Society of Friends of the Museum in Bydgoszcz, Society of Lovers of the City of Bydgoszcz, Polish Numismatic Society Bydgoszcz Branch Stanisław Niewitecki, Museum Teacher's Club
- students studying history, culture and art as well as art school students
- students of the Kazimierz Wielki University at the faculty of scientific information and library science
- students of the National Art School Complex Leon Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz
- employees of facilities belonging to the TeH2O route
- people with disabilities and their carers, provided their level of disability requires care
- qualified tourist guides
- councilor of the City of Bydgoszcz
- deputies and senators to the Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the European Parliament

Free admission to the Museum is:
- individuals honored with the Order of the White Eagle Order of Merit of the Polish Republic, the Medal "Gloria Artis" and the Order of Military Virtue War
- employees of the museums listed in the National Register of Museums;
- members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) or the International Council for the Protection of Monuments (ICOMOS);
- holders of the Card of the Pole, referred to in the Act of 7 September 2007. On the Polish Card (Dz. U. of 2017.


Reduction in the entrance fee (reduced admission ticket) to the Museum is entitled to:
- school and student youth up to 26 years old
- pensioners, persons over 65 years of age
- employees of educational and cultural institutions.


Discounts for loyalty card holders, including:
- 3 Plus Bydgoszcz Family Card - 50% discount on regular and concession tickets
- Large Family Card - 50% discount on all types of admission tickets
- 60+ Senior Card - 50% discount on tickets: normal and collective normal
- European Youth Card EURO 26 - 50% discount on a normal ticket.


The use of discounts and free admission is possible upon presentation of an appropriate document. The documents confirming the right to take advantage of the discount or exemption from the entrance fee are, among others:
- school or student ID card
- pensioner ID card
- service card of an employee of a museum or other cultural and educational institutions
- a parliamentary or senatorial ID card of the Polish Parliament
- Membership card of the European Parliament
- a qualified tourist guide card
- ID card documenting disability or degree of disability,
- membership card for privileged organizations and associations
- ID card confirming the award of an order, medal or badge,
- document confirming age
- Pole's card
- loyalty cards

Discounts included in the Regulations cannot be combined.
If you have questions about contacting the Museum secretariat: tel. 52 585 99 66.

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