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The exhibition accompanying the 2016 CAMERIMAGE Festival : kliknij

The exhibition accompanying the 2016 CAMERIMAGE Festival


Act, portrait, landscape, still life, reportage and experiment. Nearly three hundred photographs by many well-known Czech and Slovak photographers on one exhibition - "Czech and Slovak photography from private collections".  The exhibition accompanying the 24th edition of CAMERIMAGE Festival is open until 27 November 2016 year in the Spichrze on the Brda River. For guests of the Festival prepared a special offer.

'Czas na Bydgoszcz' – a new mobile app


Discover Bydgoszcz with the free new 'Czas na Bydgoszcz' ('Bydgoszcz Now') mobile app! It’s a multimedia guide of the city containing elements of a location-based game prepared by our Museum. Movement along the designated route, which covers the Old Town and Śródmieście (city centre), is facilitated by intuitive navigation. After each designated section of the route has been completed, the user can test their acquired knowledge by attempting a quiz.

October new exhibitions : kliknij

October new exhibitions


In October Museum open two exhibitions. Czech and Slovak photography from private collections - the exhibition presents nearly three hundred photographs by many well-known Czech and Slovak photographers of different generations who created their works in the 20th and early 21st century. Second exhibition "Theater of life" is a special event, since it shows works made by Zhang Minjie, winner of the Leon Wyczółkowski Award presented by the Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz during the International Print Triennial of Cracow in 2015.

Holiday Free Time Zone


From the 28th of June until the end of the holidays you are invited to the museum’s “Free Time Zone”, available from Tuesday through to Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the building of the European Money Centre (approach from Wyspa Młyńska). Sitting on loungers at a water cascade, you will have an opportunity to admire the museum publications for children and adults, play a board game, enjoy your time outdoors.

ArtSherlock - a breakthrough in the identification of art looted in Poland during World War II


To be unveiled this Monday is a groundbreaking project based on a mobile application for the identification of lost works of art, able to identify a work of art in a matter of seconds using a smartphone or tablet. The project was developed by the Communi Hereditate Foundation with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and funding from the Kronenberg Foundation of Citi Handlowy Bank.

Being the first tool of its kind, the application will completely revolutionize the identification of artworks resurfacing after having been looted during wartime. The application can automatically recognize a work of art on the basis of a photograph taken with a mobile device camera.

Since 1992, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has been compiling information on cultural pr

Art Fridays


The District Museum in Bydgoszcz will host another lecture from a cycle of meetings on the history of European art. The upcoming event will present the prevailing ideas in European art during the Baroque period. The customs of 17th-century Europe will be discussed based on the analysis of paintings, including works by Dutch, Italian and Spanish masters. Participants will also have an opportunity to discover the various forms of artistic expression in the Baroque era.

Audio tour


Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum invites all visually impaired visitors to take part in cyclical tours of the museum exhibitions. Audio tours will be held every last Thursday of the month at 4 pm. The first exhibition to be presented will be the permanent exhibition “Works of Leon Wyczółkowski”, after whom the museum is named.

An audio tour for the visually impaired will take place on 28 April 2016 at 4 pm.

No admission fee.

Subsidy for the museum : kliknij

Subsidy for the museum


We are pleased to announce that the Polish History Museum in Warsaw has granted Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz a subsidy for the project “Time for Bydgoszcz” – a mobile app under the 2016 Patriotism of Tomorrow Programme.

As part of the project, a mobile app will be developed to present the history and present-day life of Bydgoszcz as a “little homeland”, as well as the city's cultural heritage. The app will be a multimedia guide featuring urban game elements, enabling users to learn history, revive local memories and discover source materials by taking individual or family/group tours of the city. It will also emphasise the multicultural nature of Bydgoszcz.

This innovative app will be available for free in Polish and English, and accessible to visually and hearing-impaired users. It will mark the 670th anniversary of Bydgoszcz town charter, which takes place in 2016.

Once the project is completed and the app goes live, we will an

Wyświetlam: 9 - 16 / 40

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