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The current rules of functioning of the Museum

In connection with the second wave of the pandemic and taking steps to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Government Crisis Management Team decided to temporarily close from November 7 2020 until further notice for the public of cultural institutions. All branches of the District Museum will be closed to visitors. We invite you to follow us on social media and use the online offer.

Due to the epidemic threat and the need to ensure your safety, our Museum operates under certain conditions. We would like to remind you that after the closure period, we make all branches available to you.

Each of our branches, due to the variety of specifics, is available under newly marked sightseeing paths. There are also restrictions on the number of people who can stay in individual facilities at the same time. Everything is done to be able to provide you with the greatest possible security.
We invite museum guests to:
• Archaeological Collections
Checkout area - 1 person
• European Money Center
Basement (permanent exhibition "Mennica bydgoska" [link]) -4 people (6 in the case of a family)
Ground floor (permanent exhibition "Skarb bydgoski" [link]) - 4 people (6 in the case of a family)
Center of Museum Education 
Ground floor: workshop room (large) - up to 15 people; workshop room (small) - up to 10 people
1st floor ("Fun with Art" educational space) - closed to be requested
• Modern Art Gallery
I., II. and III. 1st floor (permanent exhibition "Modern Art Gallery" [link] and temporary exhibition "Mistrzowie" [link]) - 15 people in each exhibition room
• Leon Wyczółkowski House
Checkout area - 1 person
Ground floor and first floor (permanent exhibition "Works of Leon Wyczółkowski (1852-1936)" [link]) - up to 10 people in the building at the same time
• Granaries 
(permanent exhibition "From the Old Market Square to Wolności Square. A walk through the streets of interwar Bydgoszcz" [link]) - up to 15 people at the same time in each exhibition room
• Exploseum
(permanent exhibition "EXPLOSEUM" [link]) - up to 80 people at the facility
Temporary exhibitions hall - up to 20 people at the same time

We would like to remind you that for the sake of your health, please put on masks, keep your distance, and disinfect your hands. The museum staff will take care of safe and comfortable sightseeing.

In the District Museum of Leon Wyczółkowski, sanitary procedures are in accordance with the rules also in other public places. Visiting is only possible with a protective mask covering the nose and mouth, and keeping a safe social distance (2 meters). At the entrance to the building, the Museum staff will show you the places of hand disinfection, and at your request, they will also provide disposable gloves. There may be a limited number of people on each building at the same time. We also encourage non-cash payments.


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