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The new project "Friday of the art"


February 26 at. 15:00 we invite you to the first meeting of the "Friday art", dedicated to the history of European art. The course will approximate the most important trends and tendencies present in the history of European art from the Middle Ages and ending our times. Lectures will provide not only an opportunity to get acquainted with the basic issues and concepts of visual arts but also the opportunity to discuss the issues raised. Meeting due to its cross-cutting nature especially we recommended to those who would like to start their adventure with the history of art, or also to systematize their existing messages.

Lectures by Dr Matthew Soliński.
The course meetings are scheduled as follows:
1) Art of the Middle Ages (February)
2) Renaissance art (March)
3) Art Baroque (April)
4) Academic, romanticism, realism (May)
5) Impressionism (June)
6) Graphic Arts late nineteenth and early twentieth century (September)
7) Existentialism in literature and art (October)
8) European cinema and American second half of the twentieth century (November)
9) What is postmodernism? Problems of Contemporary Culture (December)
Classes will be held at the Gallery of Modern Art Street. Mint 8 on Mill Island in Bydgoszcz.
The next meeting Fri. "The Art of the Middle Ages" will be held on Friday 26 February. at. 15.00.
Admission to all lectures is FREE.
For more information, call 52 58 59 910.
Welcome to the meetings and to share your experiences.

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