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Exploseum - individual exhibition sightseeing


To meet the needs of Exploseum visitors, a branch of the Regional Museum has prepared an offer of individual exhibition sightseeing. From now on, anyone who is curious about what is inside the old nitro-glycerine factory, DAG Fabrik Bromberg, will be able walk through nearly 2 km of a unique tour route by themselves. And all this without prior reservation, without waiting for a group, without a guide.

How does this work? The entire Exploseum tour route has been enriched with modern technology solutions to ensure safety and enable self-touring in the post-industrial buildings. In the objects the RFID (radio identification) system is implemented. At the beginning of the route each visitor receives an identifier, by means of which they can move between different buildings. The system will also determine where visitors are at any moment.

The whole thing is technically supported by CCTV cameras which send video directly to the office security facility, and a sound system, which enables the sending of messages to visitors. Due to the nature of the objects, there are railings, fences and other means of protection in the buildings in order to increase the safety of visitors. On the route there are also phones enabling visitors to contact the reception.


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