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Museum closed? Invite it to your house.

Most of us, as directed don’t leave their house. Although cultural institutions are also closed, this does not mean that we can’t use the world of art, history heritage or broadly understood culture. Check out what the Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum has prepared for you.

By joining the nationwide action #stayhome, we would like to invite you to active participation in project #zMOBwDOMu (with MOB at Home). It will be a time of fun and getting knowledge inspired by Bydgoszcz Museum collections.  By following our website and also social media since 19th march you will get to know something about art, history, as well as get ideas for fun with children who do not require leaving home. Materials will be available twice a day: in the morning directed to the youngest, in the afternoon – for older recipients.

For the youngest you will be able to find inspirations on creative activities based on reproductions of Leon Wyczółkowski - #wdomuzWyczółem, for example you will find puzzles or greeting card to print by yourself (this activity was implemented since 17th of March). Everyday we will also share printable work cards and coloring pages. For those who are hungry of art we can highly recommend #ARTeFAKTYzMOB: information and interesting facts about selected objects. Nevertheless we also provide you with #słuchajmuzeum where you will be able to get on well with audiodescriptions  - this proposition is highly recommended for the blind and and visually impaired, but in this exceptional situation everyone can use it. An interesting form of spending time at home will certainly be listening to musical interpretations of celected paintings prepared as “Museum scores” project. There will also be plenty of information materials refering to history of Bydgoszcz Museum. Everyone who would like to broaden their knowledge can take part in MOB Academy.  Twice a week in the evening we will suggest getting acquainted with presentations regarding history in museum and technology in museum, as well as information about live and work of our patron – Leon Wyczółkowski.
Without leaving your house you can still „come” to the museum. Just visit our website and socialmedia profiles on Facebook and Instagram. 


1. #wdomuzWyczółem - Puzzles 

A video with instructions is available HERE
Printable file for download HERE 
(Leon Wyczółkowski,  Beetroot digging, 1903, crayon, cardboard, property of MOB)

2. #wdomuzWyczółem - Greeting card 3d 

A video with instructions is available HERE
Printable file for download HERE 
(Leon Wyczółkowski, Anemones, 1924, watercolors, crayon, pencil, paper, property of MOB)

3. #LiteryWSztuce - work card* ATELIER file for download HERE

4. #LiteryWSztuce - work card* ARTYSTA file for download HERE

5. #LiteryWSztuce - work card* BĄDŹ PROJEKTANTEM! file for download HERE

6. #LiteryWSztuce - work card* SZTUKA file for download HERE

7. #LiteryWSztuce - work card* DZIEŁO SZTUKI file for download HERE


Be sure to share with us The effects of your creative fun by tagging our profile and adding #zMOBwDOMu !


* The materials were created based on The educational and cultural book „Letters in Art.” Thanks to the scholarship of the President of Bydgoszcz Rafał Bruski in the field of artistic creativity and dissemination of culture in 2017, which was also made due to financial support of the city of Bydgoszcz. Author: Ewa Widacka-Matoszko

1. #ARTeFAKTYzMOB - find out more about painting of Leon Wyczółkowski entitled „Forest (Interior of The forest with spruce)", 1905  HERE

2. #AkademiaMOB - Holiday letter from Leon Wyczółkowski to Franciszka (Panek) Wyczółkowska (1908) HERE

3. #słuchajmuzeum - Zofia Stryjeńska, Christ appearing to his Mother (Spring is coming), 1918

4. #MOBliżej - History: Look for it – article about Leon Wyczółkowski 80. birthday - Cream and other delicacies. Menu from the masters birthday. -  Krem „BALLADA WYCZÓŁOWA” i inne smakołyki. Mennu z osiemdziesiątych urodzin mistrza ze zbiorów Muzeum Okręgowego im. Leona Wyczółkowskiego w Bydgoszczy 

5. #AkademiaMOB #historiawmuzeum -  lecture by Piotr Majewski, National Institute of Museology and Collection entitled How to tell about history in society about various “sensitivities”?, presented during the 4th scientific conference from the Museum series – forms and means of presentation entitled History at the museum. Video available HERE

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